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HY-600L High Speed Meat Band Saw

  • The machine is made of stainless steel 304 and easy to clean.

  • The motion wheel is made of stainless steel 304.

  • The motion wheel is directly connected, and the motor is with a power-cutting break.

  • Tension-control device is applied in cutting-band to make adjustment easier and facilitate the installation.

  • The design of cutting-band raised on both sides is to prevent the band from falling.

  • This machine has the certification of CE.

  • The working table is made of stainless steel which has the thickness of 8mm.

  • Machines on the left or the right-hand side can be tailor-made.

  • The upper wheel has been equipped with automatic break. (P.S When the blade is broken, the lower wheel will cut off the power of the break. When the upper wheel truns again, manual break can be used instead.)

後台圖片 放大檢視圖片
Model Machine Dimension 
Table Dimension
Max. Size of Out
Motor Sawing Length Cutting Speed
(Per Second)
HY-600L 1200x1341x2115mm 1200x1341mm 583x526mm 10HP/3Ph 4400mm 35.6m 580kg

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