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HY-722,T-Bone & Boneless Slicing Machine

  • Bone-In and Boneless Slicing Machine; durable for continuous operation.

  • Designed for tempered frozen meat and fresh meat.

  • Produce smooth cutting surfaces.

  • Working temperature can be as low as -4°C.

  • Designed to be waterproof. (Motor IP55; Servo Motor IP65)

  • Hopper designs to stabilize the transmission and precise cutting.

  • Safety guard for protection.

  • Be able to cut a large variety of fresh meat, bacon, smoked meat, fish, cheese and sausages. Adjustable thickness.

  • Intelligent user interface.

  • Be able to memorize 10 sets of settings.

  • Using servo motors to feed materials, high accuracy.

  • Conveyor connectable.

後台圖片 放大檢視圖片
Model Voltage Power Capacity
(per min)
Hopper Size
Cutting Thickness Machine Dimension
HY-722 220V/380V, 
4.2 kw

200pcs / 180pcs

680x220x235mm 1-50mm 1860x1340x800mm 350kg

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