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HY-350 High Speed Slicer

  • Machine is molded with high quality Aluminum Alloy and used high level anodic treatment; can be water-washing

  • Machine stand is wielding with 304 stainless, it makes the operation life more longer; can be water-washing

  • -5-10℃ frozen meat can be cut in even slices.

  • The motor is self-powered type with high power

  • Maximum cutting width of the operating table is 350mm

  • 40 -55 slices of frozen meat can be cut in 1 minute (stepless speed changes)

  • Using T-bar to hold the meat is more stable for cutting same thickness meat slices

  • Easy maintenance & main parts dismantling and cleaning are easily performed.

後台圖片 放大檢視圖片
Model Machine size
weight Use power motor power Cutting speed
(per second)
processing possible thickness processing possible size Cutting temperature Dise knife diameter
HY-350 700x1020x1455mm 220KG Three-phase 200V 60Hz / 50Hz Loading box with 0.75kW * 1
Round knife with 0.75kW * 1
40 ~ 60 pieces / minute (60Hz) 34 ~ 50 pieces / minute (50Hz) (0) ~ 25 mm Width 350X 200X 600mm (There will be some differences depending on the flesh and shape.) 363 mm